Werewolf Rage: Book 2 in the Taming the Wolf Series

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Way of the Wolf (Vampire Earth #1)

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If you want to download Werewolf Rage Taming the Wolf, 2 , click button in the last page 5. You just clipped your first slide! Beautifully descriptive The hybrid wolves may be in my nightmares for years to come. Can't wait to keep reading! Mild Violence, kissing, clean romance. View all 11 comments. Mar 05, Stephanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: sexy-books-hot-possessive-men.

Oh Wow I literally could not put the book down,and am going to be extremely sad until book 3 comes out! View 2 comments. Jun 14, Kathy Jo rated it really liked it Shelves: loanable , owned , paranormal , books-for-bug. If you don't like them and haven't read the book yet then I suggest not reading anymore of my review. Ava and Cyrus I love them I really do! But I also hate them right now! All heck breaks loose! I literally wante 4 stars I will state up front that my review will contain spoilers. I literally wanted to knock him out!

And then Ava Don't get me wrong.

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I totally understand why she needed a break Not cool chica! But like I said I did get why she had to do it. I liked how in the end she was wanting to be a mix between the old and new Ava. I'm hoping she finds balance between the two I just have to get this off my chest I cannot stand Cole! From the moment he showed up I knew he was going to be BAD news! I think he's a creeper and he just makes me sick at times. He's called a stalker!!

I really hope there aren't any Cole fans reading this. I mean come on! He ends up being Ava's uncle for crying out loud!

Were/Shifters Archives - Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

That's just wrong! It's weird how some books can literally suck me in and it's like I'm right there with them This is definitely one of those books! I seriously went on an emotional roller coaster that had me thinking "what the crap jack?! I LOVE it!! All in all Werewolf Rage was a good book that I could not put down! It was definitely more action packed then Werewolf Dreams but that's okay I liked it!

Taming the Wolff

I'm looking forward to re-reading the rest of this series. In talking to a couple of friends I have realized that while I know how the series ends I can't remember what happens when and in which book! Gotta love finding a series that you can read over and over again and still LOVE it!! View all 5 comments. I enjoyed this one. Ava and Cyrus really go through the ringer in this one. They have some great moments together and some pretty heartbreaking ones as well.

This book picks up a few months after the first book and Ava is settling into her new life in Paskell. She's recovering from everything that happened in the first book and enjoying her new relationship with Cyrus.

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But, things can never stay calm in a werewolf town and when newcomers Perry and Cole come to Paskell seeking refuge things get c I enjoyed this one. But, things can never stay calm in a werewolf town and when newcomers Perry and Cole come to Paskell seeking refuge things get crazy. Perry hits it off with Ava's father Harry and her younger brother Cole has his eyes set on Ava. This causes all sorts of problems for Ava and Cyrus and really tests their relationship. I was so grateful this didn't turn into a mushy love-triangle.

Ava was pretty clear on where her loyalties lie and wasn't going to change her mind. This story is packed with danger and Ava finds herself in the middle of everything once again. She is one tough chick though and raises to the occasion. The last part is a little sad, but I think if I were in Ava's shoes I would have reacted the same way view spoiler [Well, I could see myself leaving town and trying to forget everyone.

I couldn't see myself killing a bunch of people, even though they did deserve it. Content Romance: Clean Violence: Moderate view spoiler [Talk of killing, ripping up werewolves, etc hide spoiler ] View all 4 comments. Mar 16, Tausha rated it liked it.

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I liked this one better than the first one. The drama in it was exhausting but I also couldn't put it down. Honestly the end stinks! I am so grateful I have the next one to read or I would be going crazy! Jan 13, Chris S rated it did not like it. Well i get it Nov 26, Samantha Yeates rated it really liked it.

This was really good! Cole can shove it. Dec 30, Rachel Life of a Female Bibliophile rated it really liked it. This was thrilling sequel to the first novel. While the first book is solely based on world building, the second book focuses on developing their characters and delving into the werewolf lore as well as the mystery that surrounds the hybrids. Like the first book, the plot is action packed, full of drama, and has some sweet romance.

I ended up reading this b This was thrilling sequel to the first novel. I ended up reading this book in one setting and was shocked the story made a twist in the middle. The ending is open-ended and leaves a bit of cliff-hanger. Nov 19, Valerie Waters rated it really liked it. Ok seriously.

Werewolf Revenge by Katie Lee O’Guinn

What is with the covers on these books?? They have nothing to do with what's inside. Ok this book was better for me because of the ending. The middle was way too sappy and it took me a few days to read more. But the last half was awesome. Angry girl really works for me. So much better then the first half of the book. I like where the love triangle is headed.

View all 8 comments. May 03, Laura Duval rated it it was amazing. Bad ass cold Ava is awesome!