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  2. Podcast: The Fugitive (1993) and Hancock (2008)

It proved it can pay off to take creative risks, which has been visible at numerous times ever since and particularly on a digital streamer like Netflix at present.

Secondly was the timing of the finale. While ABC's decision to air the conclusion four months after the previous original telecast was at a time when the typical network offering was a repeat or a leftover telecast, the massive size of the audience for the The Fugitive finale proved there could be an audience in the summer if the broadcasters are aggressive.

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I said these very same words, for example, when CBS took a chance with its original one-hour dramedy Northern Exposure in the summer of Why waste valuable programming real estate at a time when the networks need to promote their fall schedules? Third is one of the more common programming maneuvers at present: the reboot or revival, whichever you prefer to call it. While The Fugitive theatrical with Harrison Ford certainly resonated in , CBS' decision to air a new series version of The Fugitive with Wings star Tim Daly in lasted one season leaving the cliffhanger unresolved.

While I was more optimistic about this new version of The Fugitive than its new forensic crime-solving drama lead-out, that show, CSI , ultimately aired for 15 seasons. I point again to the value of creativity for the success of CSI and the lack of for The Fugitive reboot.

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While the Nielsen ratings did not warrant a second season, these broadcasters need to respect the audience. And to the viewers who did watch this Tim Daly version all season, CBS owed it to the them to resolve the cliffhanger. ABC got it right the first time. Personally, I am still pissed that TNT never gave its three-season reboot of Dallas a proper sendoff.

Podcast: The Fugitive (1993) and Hancock (2008)

Richard Kimble, an innocent man convicted of murder, is on the run from the police and in pursuit of the real killer. The award-winning show, which aired on ABC from to and inspired a blockbuster movie, still has many devoted fans, none more passionate than literary and legal theorist and intellectual provocateur Stanley Fish.

In The Fugitive in Flight , Fish examines the moral structure of the long-running series and explains why he thinks this may well be the greatest show ever aired on American network television. Analyzing key episodes, The Fugitive in Flight goes beyond plot summaries and behind-the-scenes stories. For Fish, the real action of The Fugitive takes place in confined spaces where the men and women Richard Kimble encounters are forced to choose what kind of person they will be for the rest of their lives.

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Kimble is the catalyst of such choices and changes, but he himself never changes.