Explicit Confession (Taboo Priest Erotica)

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  3. Highly Recommended Risqué, Taboo and Forbidden Love Stories
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My stepdad came out too, and his eyes went to me. His eyes never departed from me, and he clearly thought it was too much. It was all over his face. No father, or stepfather likes seeing his daughter in a bikini, but it was clear Jenna gets more than she bargained for when she asks her boyfriend to spice up their sex life We were lying in bed together one Sunday morning, still breathing hard from our last orgasms. The rain was coming down outside, and it was a perfect day to spend wrestling in the sheets, and enjoying the inherent laziness of the day. Marc, my boyfriend of the past three years, rose up on one elbow.


Highly Recommended Risqué, Taboo and Forbidden Love Stories - Maryse's Book Blog

Classes had just ended for the day at the local high school, and Principal Benjamin Dixon was feeling horny and a bit out of sorts. He thought about Jennifer Brock, a tall female student with long blonde hair, a beautiful face and a terrific figure, and how he had spanked her with a ruler when she was caught smoking in school. She had suggested corporal punishment rather than expulsion and, I had been married just about ten years.

Two kids. One younger in elementary school, the other older in high school. My step-daughter had been part of the family since she was younger. I always raised her as my own, although we got along better as pals and buddies, compared to the whole "dad" thing. It was a great relationship. For the first four-five years, my wife and I had a good This is my story and I'm sticking to it. I know nobody's gonna believe this really happened, but I'll tell it anyway.

A Priest's Confession Like a Prayer RexRed (gay romance)

So here's how it went down, I got a 2 bedroom condo all to myself, lots of room to chill out for most of the day which is what I do. I don't have to work so I have time to work out and keep fit, which is important at my age, There's a pool that most of the young people In the name of the Father, and of the son, and of the Holy Spirit, my last confession was six months ago.

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What grievous sin have you committed since your last confession? I've been such a bad girl recently. My mother and step-father recently went on vacation. And since we're not related, I planned on having sex with him. This was going to be a very interesting week. Although, Daddy Joe did not know what I Eighteen year old Sonia Kay admired herself in the mirror. She stood in front of the looking glass naked, her blonde hair still very damp and her skin slightly moist from her morning shower.

Sonia placed her hands over her D-cup breasts and squeezed. She then ran her hands down her stomach, her fingers lightly touched her neatly trimmed pussy. She turned around and admired her tight teen ass. The story you are about to read is a complete work of fiction. None of the events depicted here actually happened. Any similarity to any actual person, place, or event is entirely coincidental. Well, here it is.

Smith were out for a party, and I was babysitting their five-years-old son. Yes, I worked as a babysitter to earn a little extra. I was a good girl, but recently I turned into a dirty whore.

Priest - Recommended Reading Order

I had recently discovered the pleasure of touching myself. Now I did it almost every night and in the mornings too. Sometimes I did it in the afternoons, after getting back from school. My wife Sue and I were forty-two years old and living in the South Denver area at the time of this story.

Highly Recommended Risqué, Taboo and Forbidden Love Stories

We moved there from Kansas City, Kansas for good jobs about eighteen years prior. All our extended family still lives in Kansas City. The plan was The doorknob turned and I closed my eyes. He walked in, stripped his shirt and the sound of him unbuckling his belt made me open my eyes. I knew it was wrong.

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I knew I should have told him to stop, to tell him the truth, but the lust I felt for him was unbearable. He opened the covers slightly and I could feel his eyes on me.

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My half-naked body was right there, ready to be devoured by him. My twenty-year-old stepbrother, Jim, my five-year-old son, and my loving husband were waiting for dinner at the dining table. I adjusted my red top, grabbed the bowl of meatballs and came out of the kitchen. Can you come down to Oak Street and get me? We can take the car over to the mechanics and tell your mother it needed service or something like that.

I just She was my stepmother. We were a blended family. My step-mom had three children and my father had five children. Like, go online and find a Craigslist ad and just go for it or something. Something like visiting a gloryhole although there are way too many risks and uncertainties, realistically. This is really weird, but I want a dominant girl to piss in my mouth, and make me swallow every last drop.

There would be a specific room in the school where each of my servant girls would go to fuck me. For some reason weight gain turns me on. I always had a fantasy of eating so much that it made me have a big beer gut or just gaining a lot of weight rapidly somehow. For some reason this is boner inducing. Then I got depressed and stopped walking so it happened IRL. Just for background on the fantasy, I am a virgin. Problem is, I feel like the chances of that happening are close to zero.

24 Men Admit To The Perverted Sexual Fantasies They’re Too Embarrassed To Tell Anyone About

Now it gets weird. I want her to take a cake my birthday cake and dip her tits into it, absolutely covering it. Then she comes back to me, tits covered in cake and frosting, and rides me again while smothering my face and forcing me lick her tits clean until I cum. I like to be dominant in the bedroom and in real life situations. I have a major fetish for pegging. I like the idea of having her be fully dressed but have lingerie and a double ended strap-on on underneath.

We would start slowly and as she undressed I would find my surprise. She would then become assertive and dominate, and make me suck on it before finally pegging me. I consider myself a cis-heterosexual male that is not in denial. I have always been very turned on by girls smoking. There are a few fantasies but the main one is that she smokes during sex, and lets me blow smoke into her mouth while she inhales, and then while holding it inside her lungs we make out.

It might be a combination of it being a taboo, the fact that she needs to smoke addicted , or her being perceived as a bad girl. I did tell one girl about it, and she actually got turned on by it she already smoked. I realize that is extremely bad for your health, but just seeing a woman taking a huge drag and doing a french inhale is enough to send me over the edge. I can tell my girlfriend that I want to choke her, degrade her, tie her up, lock her up in a cage, pee on her, have threesome sex, have sex with men, have sex with trans, be pegged, have my prostate massaged with her fingers while she blows me, fuck her in the ass, cum on her face.

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  4. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Viagra Teasing I want a girl to tie me to a chair, feed me viagra, ride me until I come in her then kiss me and tell me she loves me. Impregnation Fantasy I would like my girlfriend to encourage me to impregnate her during sex, tell me how much she wants my baby, telling me to knock her up, to make her a mommy. Randomly Groping Him This kind of goes hand in hand with being a man.

    Cuckold Fantasies I have this huge cuckold fantasy, but without the major humiliation. Mother And Son I really like the young boy, older woman fantasy. Dominant Pissing This is really weird, but I want a dominant girl to piss in my mouth, and make me swallow every last drop.