Reprogram Your Subconscious - Use The Power Of Your Mind To Get Everything You Want

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  4. 7 Ways to Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind to Reach Every Goal

But first, let's have a quick look at how the subconscious mind works and why you should reprogram your subconscious mind. And at the end, I will show you how you can program your mind to more success because my blog is all about hands-on Law of Attraction and mindset tips.

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Knowing how to get your subconscious mind to work for you is the key to manifesting and reaching your goals. When people talk about the Law of Attraction, it is often in connection with the universe. But in reality, you are this universe; it is inside of you. Because you don't place orders with the universe, basically you place orders with your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is, in reality, the boss and controls what you think, how you feel, where you go in life.

And of course, whether you reach your goals or not. That means if you want to see a real change in your life, achieve your goals, manifest your wildest dreams, you have to learn how to gain control over your subconscious mind. Because the fact that your conscious mind has very little control quickly makes it clear that wishful thinking alone will not get you anywhere. You must learn how to get your subconscious mind to work for you when you want to reach your big goals.

And that's what this post is really all about. Now that you know that your subconscious mind is truly in control, you also understand why it is so important that you reprogram your subconscious mind. But why do we even have this program in our mind that wants to prevent us from being successful? Your subconscious mind, similar to your beliefs you hold and your self-image, has been set to a certain frequency. This is like an inner thermostat.

How to Harness the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

And the set level is where you always go back to. You may be able to go beyond the set level for a short time due to external influences, or due to internal influences if you motivate yourself properly and work hard , but you won't be able to hold this level for a long time. Your thermostat i.

That's its job. Basically this is a protective mechanism, your subconscious mind is just filtering out what information you should get and what experiences you should really have. If it would let everything get through unfiltered you would simply be overwhelmed. So the subconscious mind needs a clear guideline and this set level helps it with that.

In this post here you can learn more about how this mechanism works. This level, this thermostat, used to be programmed in the past, mostly due to external influences, especially from people we looked up to when we were younger. But this program is likely outdated, so you can, and should, update it regularly.

You can simply set the level higher, you can tell your subconscious mind very clearly what your new goal is, where you want to go, and it won't be able to help but get you there. And here are 7 ways how you can do it. Without knowing what you really want, you will of course have extreme difficulty reaching your goals. As mentioned before, your subconscious mind just follows a program , it does what it has to do, it can't think for itself. So as long as you don't tell it clearly where you want to go, what goals you want to achieve, what your big dream is that you want to manifest, it won't get you there.

Visualization is probably one of my favorite Law of Attraction tools. It's a bit like daydreaming, closing your eyes and slipping into a new reality. Visualization is an extremely powerful way to show your subconscious mind regularly where it should lead you. But you have even more advantages from visualization. The process can help you to find out what you really want, but it can also help you to get rid of possible abundance blocks like limiting beliefs. Hypnosis is a state of relaxed focus that allows you to access your subconscious mind on a very deep level.

Hypnosis works by sending suggestions directly into your subconscious, telling the subconscious mind very clearly which new reality to create. This is one of the most powerful weapons when it comes to reprogramming your subconscious to achieve your goals. Learn in this " Hypnosis Guide " more about how hypnosis works, how you can do it on your own, and why it is so powerful when it comes to the Law of Attraction.

Yes exactly, you can talk to your subconscious mind. Tell it clearly what you want, and with enough repetition, it will eventually acknowledge what you want as a new fact and do everything in its power to make it a reality. Here are a few guidelines to help you create affirmations that get you where you want to go:.

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  5. You should speak out loud your affirmations every day. Repetition is key. You can also write them in your journal or stick them on your vision board. Maybe you already heard about the 55x5 manifestation method?

    Top Strategies to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind to More Success

    It's about writing 55 times your affirmations down for five days in a row. I'm not saying all this to brag, but to show you why I'm a big fan of vision boards or so-called dream boards. And in this vision board guide here I'm telling you step by step how I made a vision board that reprogrammed my subconscious mind and helped me manifest all these dreams. First and foremost, I recommend having a manifesting journal, because it is a great way to see what you manifest in everyday life and what small goals you achieve without being aware of them.

    A journal can not only help you to reflect but also to suggest a new reality to your subconscious mind. Write your goal, in the form of a story, every morning in your journal, and I will tell you, you will be surprised how fast this will become your new reality! How your subconscious mind works, and especially how you reprogram your mind to work for you, is really the basis on which the law of attraction works. And if you want to use this knowledge to achieve all your big goals in life, to reach your dreams, to manifest your dream life, then you should also know the other important aspects of the Law of Attraction.

    Writing a book was one of the big goals I had set myself and where I first had to reprogram my subconscious mind, to actually be able to reach it. Or how did I get into management positions in large companies, earning multiple 6-figure incomes, all this as a high-school dropout with no higher education?

    Never Underestimate The Power Of The Mind

    New pathways are created and new attitude fostered by using first person positive statements that encourage positive change. The negative subconscious mindset previously held is vanquished and instead a positive mindset is installed. Creating detailed pictures of desired outcomes using imagination can help to materialize those very things imagined. New leaps in products and services are often first imagined in the mind of someone who then proceeds to manifest those things into reality.

    The imagined or visualized images of yourself as you would like to be, if done repeatedly and with passion, can fool the subconscious into believing they are real, which in turn influences the conscious mind into making it real.

    How To Use Your Subconscious Mind Power - Mindvalley Blog

    Hypnosis Another therapy is hypnosis. Using extreme relaxation the subconscious mind is more accessible. In this state the subconscious mind is more easily reprogrammed to accept new thoughts as reality. Subliminal Audio Can be beneficial because although the listener is aware of what is being listened too they can also be exposed to hidden subliminal messages being broadcast at the same time. Through the use of or subliminal CDs the distraction of the music or masking of the track allows for complete access to the subconscious, this is an extremely powerful way to reprogram the mind.

    Meditation Meditation is a quietening of the mind but this can also be used to focus on specific changes you want to bring about through repeated affirmations or visualization. Will Power Pure will power can be effective in personal change but only when the person has a very strong will that is able to consciously overcome the objections the subconscious will throw up. Overcoming long standing adopted and repeated habits can be difficult, but by using YOUR God giving right to decide for your SELF this can be very effective in removing bad habits.

    7 Ways to Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind to Reach Every Goal

    Auto Suggestion Auto suggestion is really all of the above. Suggesting to your self that you will be a certain way instead of another way is really telling your subconscious mind what you would like to see happen in your life. Sleep When we are just about to sleep and also when we first wake up there is a short period of time when access to the subconscious mind is more effective. The ability to absorb information while sleeping is a well known effective method for reprogramming your mind.

    Begin to remove ingrained negative thinking buried deep in your subconscious and make the life you truly wish, happen. Home Info Products Company 0. These two facts can produce amazing outcomes. Just like a computer runs programs, so do you.

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    8. Why would this be? It stores everything whether good or bad. Information, experiences, words and images are all memories from the past. From childhood to adulthood life everything is kept and stored away for future use. It is the bridge between our inner selves and our outer selves.