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I did not have that reaction. I disliked him the entire time - a thief, murderer, rapist, wife beater is not exactly a sympathetic figure. But the memoir is brutally honest if at times self-pitying and well-written. The story is a compelling look at the self-loathing and masochism that drove LaMotta to become one of the greatest boxers of all-time and one of the f A remarkably good book about a remarkably bad man. The story is a compelling look at the self-loathing and masochism that drove LaMotta to become one of the greatest boxers of all-time and one of the few men to ever defeat Sugar Ray Robinson.

While I did not root fo LaMotta, I did find myself intrigued by him as a person and remained interested the entire way through the book. Highly recommended! Jun 04, Clint Mccoy rated it it was amazing. Very intense. This is one of my favorite books. To state the obvious:There is a movie based off of it with the same name and the movie followed this book closely. Anyway this was hard to put down. Glad he didn't hold back too much on the details of what went down in his life and it wasn't one of those "pity me" stories.

I'm being vague about the details here. If you like the sport of bo Very intense. If you like the sport of boxing then this is a must read. Mar 18, david-baptiste rated it really liked it.

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The film turns the story into a Catholic allegory which transforms the Raging Bull from the realization that "I'm not an animal" into the Man of the Theater and Language who goes on stage to recite poetry by the greats as well as himself. The book has many strange redemptive moments of its own, especially one that opens and closes the tale.

LaMotta--with Peter Maas--has a lighter touch than Scorcese, with a lot of laughter pervading some of the really tawdry and grim episodes. LaMotta's book is one of the pioneering works of a new form of sports writing that developed in the 's, in which the athlete themself has the a self awareness and sense of the meanings of their careers and personas which before it had usally been up to sports writers and the writers influenced by them to create. Apr 27, Ryan Lally rated it really liked it. Not a good movie, either, jerky, with gaps in it, a string of poorly lit sequences, some of them with no beginning and no end.

It is told with a savage honesty that crackles off the page at its best moments. His journey is fraught with paranoia, jealousy and brutal acts of violence, both inside and outside the ring. LaMotta, despite his rapacious demeanor or maybe because of it has a knack for telling a story and he holds nothing back here this can make for some uncomfortable reading in parts.

Such intense levels of jealousy, anger and self loathing could prove difficult to curate in fiction and still retain a level of credulity. This is what makes LaMotta such an interesting narrator, he is a deplorable, utterly flawed man but he his brutally honest about it. Dec 30, Christine marked it as to-read. I got this book from the SF library and to be honest, I'm like a little afraid to touch it. Like picking it up with my thumb and index finger like with my hand in the o. Not unlike it hasn't been sitting in the back of an aspiring boxer or two's locker underneath their gloves, and crusty, sweat crusted warm-ups.

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Maybe a jock-strap? Boxers must wear some sort of protective device on their jewels. Of course most boxers probably wouldn' I got this book from the SF library and to be honest, I'm like a little afraid to touch it. Of course most boxers probably wouldn't fight that dirty Nothing is very sacred anymore is it.

So yah, but Jake LaMotta. I'llbe reading about Jake Motta. Mar 21, Trey R rated it it was amazing. I read this book back in high school, and the story and the writing are gripping, and made me want to be a writer. You can smell the diapers boiling in the tentaments, you can feel the pain of the poverty, the violence of relationships, and then of course there is the boxing.

The movie might be a classic, but this book, like most books movies are based on, is superior to the screenplay. Sep 05, Rogers rated it it was amazing. An autobiography whose brutality matches the author's fights with Sugar Ray Robinson. Many sports writers have said they can watch the movie version only once, and can't add it to their list of greatest sports movies.

This list would include most people working for ESPN. Dec 08, Chris S rated it liked it Shelves: auto-bio. Great book and brilliant film. I expected to dislike La Motta, but as it progresses you end up rooting for the guy. Sep 20, Kevin rated it it was amazing. This was a surprising read. You think he'd be a asshole, but he's quite earnest and genuinely regretful. View 1 comment. Sep 02, Thomas rated it liked it. The basis for the movie starring Academy Award winner Robert Deniro. The movie tracks closely with the book.

Jul 03, Emma rated it it was amazing. Jake LaMotta escribe realmente bien. Porque todo es MUY intenso. He simpatizado mucho con Jake, a pesar de todas las barbaridades que contaba.

Anthem story campaign interview | Red Bull Games

Ya con cierta distancia, es capaz de admitirlo y hablar de las cosas, buenas y malas, con mucha naturalidad. Ver como toca fondo es desalentador. A pesar de todo lo malo que haya podido hacer a lo largo de su vida. Que haya logrado conectar tanto con Jake hace que toda la lectura haya merecido la pena. Uno de mis favoritos. Una vida muy intensa, un hombre muy sincero. I read this as part of a plan to read the books that my favorite film adaptations are based on.

Raging Bull's text is fragmented due to the interview style. LaMotta recounts a lot bad stories, as one might expect, and it seems he did so many regrettable things that he can only offer up remorse for some of them. Like the film, boxing itself is symbolic of the man, who fought everyone, including himself, 24 hours a day. No one delivered beatings to Jake LaMotta worse than LaMotta himself well, ma I read this as part of a plan to read the books that my favorite film adaptations are based on. I'm not clear on how trustworthy of a narrator LaMotta is, but it feels genuine enough to believe you're getting decent reflections of the truth.

Oct 01, Stuart rated it really liked it. This is a brutal, compelling book and also proof you don't need to like the protagonist of an autobiography to find it fascinating. If you thought the movie may have exaggerated some of the bad aspects of his personality it will come as a shock to find out he was actually even worse!

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Following Jake from his early years the book does offer insight as to why he turned out as he did, but it certainly doesn't excuse some of his frankly horrific actions. What it does is give an insight into the mind o This is a brutal, compelling book and also proof you don't need to like the protagonist of an autobiography to find it fascinating.

What it does is give an insight into the mind of a man who can drive himself to such excess both in and out of the ring. It's no exaggeration to say he took punishment like few boxers before or since. The reasons he forced himself to take such beatings at times makes, like much of this book, for fascinating but slightly disturbing reading May 15, Will rated it liked it Shelves: physical.

What starts off as an interesting insight into the growth of a monster turns into a repetitive, at times slightly confusing story of self-pity and barely anything done for redemption. For once, the film did it better. Aug 14, Sunny rated it it was amazing Shelves: sports.

6 things we learned from our hands-on with Anthem

Has to be one of my top 5 all time boxing biographies I have ever read. It tells the story of Jake la Motta made famous by de Nero in his Oscar winning performance in the film of the same name and his journey from rough rough street gangster to professional boxer through to actor. Along the way he kiss someone outside the ring , marries about 6 different women, beats up his best friend almost to the point of death and also rapes his best friends girlfriend.

Not a nice guy by any stretch of th Has to be one of my top 5 all time boxing biographies I have ever read. Not a nice guy by any stretch of the imagination but undoubtedly one hell of a fighter.

Book excerpt: Irwin Winkler's "A Life in Movies"

What stood out a mile in this book however was the mind-set with which la Motta approached everything in life. There are some incredibly touching scenes however like the one where he meets his long lost friend Pete for the first time after nearly beating him to death. In fact, they licked them so much that the boards would get very thin in places. Then after a while a couple of bulls would get themselves loose. I remember a few nights when my Dad had to go out and capture bulls that had leaned against fences with thin boards.

My mother remembered one particular foggy night with horror when my Dad and one of his employees spent hours breaking up a bull fight between two of the meanest bulls. They were fighting out in the field. Somehow they managed to capture the bulls and tie them up until the fences could be repaired. I think it bothered my Mother more than my Dad.

She used to wake up with nightmares about such experiences for years after. When I was 6 years old the bull farm was moved to another place just west of Burlington. The house was bigger and nicer, the barn was larger and in good repair, and the property was on 20 acres.

Giant Bull & Lazy Farmer बड़ा बैल Hindi Kahaniya - Bedtime Moral Stories - Fairy Tales 3D Animated

From then until we left, 8 years later, the co-op went through many changes. One barn expanded into 5 barns, a lab, an office building, and 50 of the finest pure bred bulls in the country. One of the greatest improvements, as I saw it, was when we went from board fences to iron pipe fences anchored in concrete. One of my first jobs, where I actually earned money, was painting all those pipes and steel posts.

BullDose Number 70- 02/02/12222

That was a big job for an 11 year old kid. No bull ever escaped after that.

Jake LaMotta, former boxer whose life was subject of Raging Bull, dies aged 95

I loved those bulls. I used to spend hours out in the barns petting them. I would rub their foreheads and feed them a little extra grain sometimes. They were wonderfully powerful creatures, each having their own personality. Crewman and Leader were huge black and white Holstein bulls. They had pens next to each other, and they talked back and forth, in bull talk of course. I remember Ferdinand, a big red Guernsey who was the friendliest bull, and then there was Fox, a tough cunning brown Jersey bull. I would always be extra careful when I petted him.

I think Fox lost something special that day, maybe his tough boy reputation. Each bull had a large ring in his nose. I used to watch Dad and one of the other guys as they led the bulls. They would snap a chain to the ring and lead the bull by the ring, nose up in the air. Then one man would pull with the chain and the other would exert controlling pressure with the rod. It was dangerous work, but no one ever got hurt. Now that I have told you about the bulls, I must tell you how the artificial breeding process worked.

That was actually the term used, artificial breeding or artificial insemination. One of the barns had 2 dummies, which were securely bolted to the floor. A dummy was an iron frame in the shape of a cow with cowhide stretched over it. A bull was led out to one of the dummies, and he would mount it. We used to call it jumping the dummy. Occasionally the dummy just did not have enough appeal for a bull that day.

The bull might be led back to his pen to think about it for a day, or at other times, our only cow would be paraded in front of the bull to help him get the idea. As I saw it, the dummies had a dual role. We played cowboys and Indians and bucking bronco, and had wonderful times on those dummies. After the semen was collected, it was taken in the tubes to the lab. There, the semen was mixed with egg yokes and put into little bottles that were labeled with the bulls name. The bottles were kept in refrigeration. Some of the bottles were packed with ice in boxes, wrapped, and sent via bus to the field inseminators.

I remember going with my Dad many times to the Mount Vernon bus station to take packages for shipment to such exotic places as Ferndale in Whatcom County and Arlington in Snohomish County. When a farmer noticed that one of his cows was in heat, he would call his local inseminator. The farmer might ask for a specific bull or just specify the breed. He would then reach his hand way down into the cow and deposit the semen. The cow might not realize it, but she had just been bred.

As a kid, I tagged along and watched all that stuff.