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So there are no written records for it. But, it was said that the Civilization around the ancient Sorcerer Civilization was shattered into pieces and since then, the broken pieces have been clinging to the Sorcerer Civilization for their debased existence. The Sorcerer Civilization was at an absolute disadvantage.

Blood Lust

Our enemy had smashed our last ditch defense and even marched into the expansive underground world beneath the Sorcerer Continent, which was the last piece of land we had at the time—the Dynasties and Empires we had taken up had been lost. It was the closest the Sorcerer Civilization had come the verge of extinction! He then inquired. Norris shook his head, and then he said slowly. It was not possible. Although we were assuredly a powerful Civilization back then, with all these years of development after we had won the first war, yet the enemy was way more powerful.

However, there was one great, great sorcerer. He used his wisdom and cast a sorcery that was beyond imagination, that no one could ever be able to figure out.

Sedonia Guillone's Blog - Gangsters in Lust and Hot Sorcerers at Ai Press! - January 14,

He used his life as the fulcrum and levered the Sorcerer Continent with a magical stick named the Destiny Lever. He powered the lever by putting a crystal stone which contained a huge amount of energy on the other end of the stick. As a result, he moved the Sorcerer Continent to the current geographic coordinates! This is real. And we wore down out the enemies in the underground world beneath the Sorcerer Continent because they had lost their support.

After that, we developed our own Dragon sorcerers there. You noticed that! I thought that only the ones who knew about the situation would pay attention to it. Glenn gulped.

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This maxim was said by such a great sorcerer. In this world, there are people--Fanarlem--who are created from wood and cloth and then given life through magic, but they are treated as slaves and are boug I ended up liking this book a lot more than I expected. In this world, there are people--Fanarlem--who are created from wood and cloth and then given life through magic, but they are treated as slaves and are bought and sold for various duties.

Velsa is a Fanarlem who was created to be a concubine, and she is told that the best she can hope for is for a kind person to buy her. Grau is a young sorcerer who was encouraged to find a concubine to keep him happy while he serves on an outpost of the border patrol, but he never expected her to have her own feelings and personality. This turned out to be a very sweet love story and both Velsa and Grau were engaging and sympathetic.

But I also loved the action, the world-building, the writing--it was a very short book but I didn't want it to end. Now I can't wait for the sequel. Nov 19, Maria rated it liked it. This has so much potential but it's a really short and light read so I'm not complaining much about the things I don't like. It started off with the interesting Fanarlem House and the pretty dolls, unfortunately, after they left Fanarlem and went to the camp, it just became another erotica book. I don't have any problems with erotica books but I was truly engrossed in the beginning and it has so much potential than just being a new adult book.

Such a disappointment especially the climax. I don't This has so much potential but it's a really short and light read so I'm not complaining much about the things I don't like. I don't mind reading the sequel and the other books of the author. They're really short and will only take an hour or two to read. I really enjoyed Velsa and Grau's characters equally, the descriptions were vivid and I easily lost myself in their world. I read half the book in one sitting without realizing it. This is a fairly short story that is really great if you're just coming out of a heavy fantasy or need something fun to read in between longer books.

Original and creative, definitely looking forward to the Ever since I read The Vengeful Half, I've been really curious about the Fanarlem so this was an auto-buy for me. Original and creative, definitely looking forward to the next book! Apr 04, Jessa rated it liked it Shelves: dystopian , opposites-attract , beta-hero , slavery-captivity , science-fiction , fantasy-supernatural , smut-holy-hell , soldier-boy.

Interesting concept with a brothel of enchanted girls made out of cloth and infused with "tainted" souls. Grau, a pretty stand-up guy in a world full of shitheads, buys Vespa and realizes that she's more than just an animated doll and of course falls in love with her. There's some other background things happening but the plot gets a little muddied. I know there's more in the series, but I needed a break for now and I'll return to the rest later. Entertaining book on Kindle Unlimited, th 3. Entertaining book on Kindle Unlimited, though. Mar 23, Michaela Haze rated it it was amazing. I did not know what to expect with the first book in this series.

I apologise to the Dolamore for this! Grau Thanneau is I did not know what to expect with the first book in this series. If you loved the Grisha series by Leigh Bardudo, you will love this novel! Jul 07, Vivian rated it liked it. I liked the world building.

The story was original. I liked Grau and some of the other characters of the story. What I did not like was Velsa. She seemed very stupid and lazy. She knew Grau's father didn't like her because he paid a lot to purchase her yet she refused to serve like other Fanarlem girls. She knew other Fanarlem slaves didn't like her too because she acted liked a pampered bitch yet she refused to change her "entitled" behavior. Grau was very romantic but I failed to understand ho I liked the world building. Grau was very romantic but I failed to understand how he could love Velsa who seemed worthless, despite her powers.

Bad things kept happening to her, and I felt she deserved it. Fanarlem girls are considered cursed spirits and they are looked upon as servants. However, Velsa believed she was not cursed and acted like she was equal to flesh and blood humans. Despite knowing how difficult things would be for her and Grau if she acted above her "station", she continued to do as she pleased, yet acted surprised when people tried to kill or harm her for her impertinence.

I kept waiting and hoping she would realize how incredibly stupid she was being but Velsa continued to be as self-centered and focused on her wants and needs and no one else's until the end. Aug 26, T. I downloaded The Sorcerer's Concubine as a free book from Amazon. An interesting plot, but the story lacked any real tension. The author missed a real opportunity to play up the magical aspects of the story, and relied on prejudice as the only conflict.

I also have a problem when the cover doesn't match the character description. The concubine has black hair-- I kept waiting for a catastrophic even that turned it white. Err, no. No tragic event, or overwhelming drama.

See a Problem?

A good story with average characters--probably a 3. Nov 20, Dangermousie rated it really liked it Shelves: aaangst , favorites , soulmatey-soulmates , first-loves , functional-is-the-new-black , romance , hero-crush , period-romance , should-be-an-anime , awesomeness-of-awesomeness. A totally insane concept our heroine is literally a doll made out of cloth only with a soul! It has a cool sense of the world, a story that never bored me, and an OTP that is a true rarity in fiction - caring, functional and really concerned for each other.

Basically, give this a chance! Nov 08, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: own-ebook , free , age-when-reads. Maybe not? It's free. Thank you for not being a cliffhanger!

Let’s Talk About Sorcery

Might or might not look into next book. Other thoughts I'm throwing in: Might contain spoilers; I fail at identifying them. Despite the title, I wasn't expecting sex scenes. Not that it bothers me. And from that, I wasn't expecting the magic in Fanarlem bodies to experience pleasure, given their purpose and outlook in life. Got frustrated at some characters' mindsets, but that was to be expected. Curious about how Velsa and Grau continue on after the ending and the secret? Jun 23, Cary rated it it was ok. I'm really divided here - It had some genuinely interesting things going for it. The concept of what the "fanarlem" are and how they're made is fascinating, as well as the brief explanation of what magic is and how it works in this world.

There's also some tantalizing hints that this world is tied to ours somehow- even if it turns out irrelevant to the plot, it was still fun- There are some really great ideas in the book I don't know about the other readers, but I had no trouble remembering that Velsa was a doll filled with stuffing for more than three paragraphs, and didn't need to be reminded.

It fact, by the second love scene between Velsa and her beau, I found myself profoundly creeped out by the incessant talk about the mechanics of the whole thing. Velsa spent a lot of time worrying about what a tragedy it would be if she got damp When you find yourself pondering how a doll who has a vanishing spell and waterproofing on her -ahem- lady bits to prevent messes is not waterproofed all over, it takes a bit away from the story.

I also found it incredibly unfortunate that Grau takes her to his parents house first. I actually burst out laughing Like, he sweeps in and looks all dashing and does magic and rescues her from the flophouse, then when they get out of town he's like "JK, I'm a really big nerd and I live with my parents and, in fact, my dad gave me the money to buy you I kid you not, I spent the rest of the book trying not to think of him as some sort of Sheldon-Cooper-like figure with a talking Real Doll wandering around.

It was unfortunate. The real problem though is the dialogue. It rarely flows, and all the characters - not just the sheltered valsa- seem to have the vocabulary and critical reasoning skills of a reasonably intelligent tween. I sound mean, and I apologize. I really, really wanted to like this so much more than I did, but it just did not click with me at all. Mar 12, Marin rated it liked it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. It wasn't too bad but it was getting pretty boring that practically every other male other than Grau was not a great person. It was almost refreshing to get 2 other guys who actually were decent people later in the book but, they barely had a personalities but had just enough to be likeable. Unfortunately once it got to the half of the book where they were at the camp it was such a boring read. I was waiting for everything to be over. Even the "drama" between Velsa and Flower didn't really spark It wasn't too bad but it was getting pretty boring that practically every other male other than Grau was not a great person.

Even the "drama" between Velsa and Flower didn't really spark anything. Anything that was supposed to be interesting in that half just felt like it was just there to try and make that part of the book a little bit interesting. But for me it didn't help and I was thankful when the dragon came because suddenly the story seemed to have life in it again. Also the fight between Velsa a Grau was so short lived. It was nice that he did care about her enough to try and trust her and her telepathy but the tension that had been slowly building, especially after she had a moment to have her band off, was like thats it?

This was still interesting to keep reading but, I'm not in a rush to read the next part either. May 15, MMF rated it liked it. This is all summed-up in the statement that where life is given, there the Sun exerts his influence. Astrologians recognise the Sun's influence particularly in the government of society, and those who are held to be under his special dominion are our leaders and all persons in authority, judges, famous men and women, and holders of public offices. Physically, the Sun controls important parts of the body, these being the heart and circulation generally, the eyes, the vital fluids, and the spermatozoa.

He puts into motion the vital forces of the body, attends specially to physical growth and the expansion of all the sensitive parts. The Moon is regarded in Astrology as highly important, She is represented by a crescent, such as may be seen when she is in her first quarter. The work of the Moon is to care for the emotional side of our lives and to engender the maternal and protective instincts. Anyone who knows anything about the feminine constitution knows the influence of the Moon in the phases of the body, So we say that, just as the Sun gives life, so the Moon protects that life and seeks to aid the Sun in the work of growth.

Also associated with the Moon is the sea, which will be self-evident when one remembers the great effects she has on the tides and all nautical matters. The maritime professions in their entirety are included here. The Moon has charge of parts of the physical body, also, and her main work is connected with the stomach, the sympathetic nervous system, and the mucous membranes.

Also we may note that the important functional parts of woman needed for the rearing of children are included. The Babylonians are accredited with the development of the first systemised astrology and in their religion the force of the Moon was equated witn the god Siin. Mercury Is symbolised by the caduceus or winged staff of Hermes and is the planet of the intellect. Wherever mind is brought into play, there Mercury has his work to do. A clear idea of his general functioning may be gained by regarding all things which necessitate writing, or communication, as in his province. People in professions and trades which are associated with writing, such as authors, booksellers, journalists, and so forth, and all those whose work is connected with the transmitting of information, come under the guardianship of Mercury.

In the body this planet controls the general nervous system, the senses, the tongue, and the cerebro-spinal nervous system. He also has much to do with the intestines. The Babylonians are credited with the development of the first systemised astrology and in their religion the force of Mercury was equated with the god Nebo. VENUS, represented by a hand-mirror; in modern symbolic form this has become a circle surmounting a cross and has to do with those emotions which have a sex basis, the love of beauty, and our normal contacts. Under the guidance of Venus we have the arts, such as music, poetry, painting, dancing, acting, and all those professions and trades which cater especially for beauty in any shape or form, Venus regulates, in the physical sphere, the throat, kidneys, oral ducts, mouth, and the internal reproductive system.

The Babylonians are credited with the development of the first systemised astrology and in their religion the force of Venus was equated with the god Ishtar. MARS, shown by a circle with an arrow glancing off these being the shield and the spear of the god Ares, God of War, is the energising planet and provides the impulses which result in action. So that, whereas the Sun gives life, and the Moon nourishes that life, Mars' special function is to energise all living matter and provoke it into suitable activity. This planet concerns himself with the people engaged in warlike activity, all those who employ weapons or sharp instruments in their business or profession, and also the various professions which have to do with chemicals.

Physically, Mars has control over muscular tissues, the external generative organs, the nose, the motor nervous system, and the red corpuscles of the blood.

The Babylonians are credited with the development of the first systemised astrology and in their religion the force of Mars was equated with the god Nergal. This is reduced in the modern form to the symbol shown above.


This planet has mostly to do with the fortunes of the individual, especially where expansion is taking place, and he weaves the more generous impulses into our lives. Reason, humanity, and vision are the gifts of Jupiter to man. Senators, bankers, lawyers, merchants, and their like are all held to be in the domain of Jupiter, and we may add that wherever philanthropy and the public wealth come into our lives we find this planet predominating.