Bleach, Vol. 35: Higher Than the Moon

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Bleach: Volume 35

Welcome, Angel! Glad you joined. I was feeing alone in here. They are a very interesting couple.. Tesra, cares a lot about protecting Nnoitra, being very loyal to him. Yes, his loyalty to Nnoitra and concern for Nnoitra is certainly his defining characteristics. We never did see any of the other Fraccion rushing to protect the Espada they serve from an attacker. And to face down Nnoitra explaining that he did it because he couldn't live with himself if something happened to Nnoitra. No one else would ever tell Nnoitra that they saved him because they care about him. No wonder Nnoitra backed off.

But then, it goes both ways. Nnoitra is certainly loyal to Tesra in return -- respecting Tesra's power to deal with Ichigo and handle any onlookers, discussing his plans with Tesra, actually trying to save Tesra when Zaraki showed up. Nnoitra would never do such things for anyone else. Nnoitra goes on to say that anyone he can kill can't be Vasto Lorde and that Nel is making too big a fuss about one or two hundred ordinary Hollows. Nel replies that Nnoitra should think very carefully about what he is saying, going on to say that they evolved from those ordinary Hollows by a stroke of luck, nothing more.

Nnoitra tells Nel to bring it if she has such a problem with him, but Nel simply replies that although he has become an Espada, he is still a child and turns away. Nel's words anger Nnoitra and he charges her. Sometime later, Nnoitra is knocked unconscious and when he comes to, he sees Nel sitting and reading. Nnoitra wonders why Nel helped him, but Nel replies that she did not help Nnoitra, but merely put a stop to his suicidal actions so that they would not be short an Espada. Nnoitra asks Nel why she follows him around when she knows perfectly well that he hates her. Nel replies that it is because he is weaker than her.

This angers Nnoitra, to think about how much he resents the fact that everybody takes pity on him. He thinks that he will not show anyone mercy. Whether it is a baby or a beast, strong or weak, he'll crush them all in a single blow. He says he won't leave them the strength to rise up. Before he can complete his chain of thought, however, Kenpachi deals the death blow and Nnoitra falls to the ground.

As he dies, Nel is resting against a broken pillar. Nel opens her eyes and says his name as Nnoitra falls to the ground, dead. Kenpachi tells Ichigo to take Orihime and return to Karakura Town but before he can, Starrk kidnaps Orihime once again. Nnoitra recalls an unnamed Arrancar pleading with him for his life, but Nnoitra kills him. Following this, Nnoitra tells someone unseen that if they have something to say and wonders what's wrong with killing the loser.

Nnoitra wonders what the argument is, but they are both Arrancar. Nnoitra dismisses that notion and says that he killed the Arrancar because they were both Arrancar. He tells his unseen companion that if they are going to follow him, then they need to remember that he will not spare the life of a comrade out of pity. He then remembers an encounter with Nel, who tells Nnoitra that she doesn't want to fight him as she sees no point in the battles Nnoitra engages in. Nnoitra replies that the fight itself is his reason. Nel confesses that she doesn't understand.

Nnoitra replies that he wants to die. He wants to die fighting and that is why he wants to get stronger, so the fight will come to him and then he can spend every breath in battle. Nel comments that this is a form intoxication.

Nnoitra agrees, saying all liquor is like water when compared to a fight. Nnoitra thinks how they were beyond salvation from the start and that Aizen's presence doesn't change that.

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He says that if there is anything he is grateful to Aizen for, it is the power Aizen gave him as it allows him to savor battle with more and more powerful opponents. Nnoitra resolves to get stronger until he can fight the strongest, saying that anyone stronger than him cannot be allowed to exist and that he'll crush them all by any means necessary, saying that getting cut down and taking his last breath before he hits the ground is how he wants to go out.

Back in the present, Tesra sheds a tear as Nnoitra lies dead. Kenpachi thanks Nnoitra for a good time. Tearing off his tattered captain's haori, Kenpachi turns his attention to Ichigo. He tells him that his job here is done and that from now on, they will handle things.

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Ichigo starts to protest, but Kenpachi reminds him that he is a Substitute Shinigami only, and therefore it is his job to project Karakura Town and that he should be happy that he was able to rescue the girl. He also tells Ichigo that he has been hogging too much of the fighting as it is.

volume 35 on Tumblr

Kenpachi then orders Orihime to heal him. As Orihime runs towards Kenpachi, Starrk appears in front of her. After apologizing for what he is about to do, he grabs Orihime and says that he'll borrow her for a bit. The next moment, Orihime is in Aizen's throne room. Aizen tells the distressed Orihime to smile, telling her that all she has to do is smile and wait there for a little while, just until they return from destroying Karakura Town. As Aizen says this, a Garganta to Karakura Town opens.

Aizen expresses his respect for defeating so many Espada, and informs them that they are now commencing their invasion of the Human World. He says that she is no longer of any use to him, but that her ability is a power that exceeds the realm of what is permitted to Humans. As the highest levels of Soul Society understood this, her abduction caused a sense of crisis that led to Soul Society concentrating on strengthening its own defenses, rather than those of the Human World.

Bleach, Vol. 35

Aizen then reveals that Orihime also served as bait to lure the Ryoka to Hueco Mundo, and that he has succeeded in capturing the four Shinigami captains who came to reinforce them. Isane notes that the four Garganta used by the Shinigami to enter Hueco Mundo have closed. Aizen explains that the thirteen captains of the Gotei 13 are the primary military strength of Soul Society, and that with three of them having defected and four more now trapped in Las Noches, the military strength of Soul Society has been halved.

Upon hearing this, Ichigo rushes off, but is stopped by Zaraki, who reminds him that he had previously stated that Urahara had received a few orders. The first was to allow captains to access Hueco Mundo and the second was to prepare Karakura Town for a battle. In the Human World, the remaining Shinigami captains and several lieutenants gather in preparation for Aizen's arrival.

As the captains explain to the Ryoka that the Gotei 13 intends to fight in Karakura Town, Sado says that the town would be destroyed in such a conflict. Byakuya tells Rukia that simply deploying the captains to the Human World is not what was meant.