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In Boston, the celebrity chef pleaded not guilty to charges that he groped a woman in a bar.

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Batali, the celebrity chef, denies the accusations stemming from an encounter at a Boston restaurant two years ago. By Jacey Fortin and Karen Zraick. The chef, Dave Pasternack, says the business suffered from the Batali scandal, but plans to revamp the theater district fixture.

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  2. 2. "Mario Kart Tour" is a spinoff game, like "Super Mario Run" and "Mario Kart Arcade GP.".
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  6. Plus, disappointing job numbers, Mario Batali is officially out of the restaurant business and Brexit approaches peak mayhem. A year after reports that the celebrity chef sexually assaulted and harassed women, the Bastianich family and Mr. By Ashley Southall and Julia Moskin. Untimely deaths and the fallout from MeToo drew many readers.

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    They also flocked to stories on comfort foods and creations from Canada and western New York. A Massachusetts woman says the celebrity chef offered to take a selfie with her, then kissed and grabbed her.

    Mario Kart Tour | Nintendo

    But these aren't really the biggest problems. Getting high-scores is less dependent on actually performing well and more dependent on having the right character, glider, and kart for the job, all of which can be obtained through the randomized loot system. We've got daily login bonuses, challenges that award meager amounts of premium currency, a progression system that starts slow and quickly becomes onerous, a subscription that lets you fast track rewards, the whole shebang. This is a cobbled-together piece of every microtransaction strategy on the market, and the game wants to push all of them.

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    Parents, in particular, should steer clear of this one, which is a disappointing sentence to type considering Nintendo's sterling reputation as a developer for all ages. The problem is that this game is friendly enough and addictive enough to make you want those microtransactions, and they only get harder to resist once you move past what could be considered the intro.

    Mario Kart Tour saw a massive launch, and it's likely to do well even as those large launch audiences fade away in favor of a smaller core player base willing to shell out for premium currency. In terms of numbers, I'd guess that this will be seen as a success in the context of Nintendo's scattered mobile efforts.

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    Which is a shame in itself. Nintendo has been a groundbreaking developer for decades, breaking far beyond the traditional gaming audience with bold, sometimes baffling decisions. It's brought us to a moment right now, where despite recent failures the company is on top of the world with both the Switch and now the Switch Lite, neither of which I'd expect to slow down any time soon.

    There's little of that boldness on mobile, where the company seems content to use its popular licenses to make straightforward, microtransaction-focused experience of the kind we have seen literally thousands of times before.

    We Love Mario

    So those are my two warnings, though they're a bit mixed together up there. It's a shame. Mario Kart Tour wants you to race for the joy of filling up progress bars and becoming frustrated enough to spend money.