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I Guess Love's A Funny Thing (Deluxe) | DIVIDES

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Kids' Ideas About Love

Our jum-jills were also piecrust left overs. Loved you posted the picture of the dragon on the hill and a very long tail and the birds feeding the dragon, happily resolved.

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We got it out of the library regularly. I thought of it recently, but couldn't remember the name. All I could remember was the dragon who ate treats made especially for him, and I could envision some of the illustrations. Just today I was reading old letters my mother had written to her mother, and she mentioned the book as being one of my favorites when I was three years old.

More by Francis Lai

I ran to my computer and Googled the title, and here we are! I don't understand why I have never heard it mentioned in all the years since I was little. It's such a classic! Post a Comment. Monday, October 20, The Funny Thing. Some people take issue with the dark undertones of her stories — witness the cannibalistic feline massacre in Millions of Cats or the existential crisis of the invisible puppy in Nothing at All — but I beg to differ.

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A kindly little mountain gentleman named Bobo devotes his life to feeding squirrels, birds, rabbits and mice. The frustrated host finally asks his rude guest what he would like to eat and is horrified at the answer: dolls. Of course the Funny Thing demands some of those tail-enhancing cakes, so Bobo whips up a batch of nutcake-seedcake-cabbage-balls and pronounces them jum-jills. The funny thing scarfs all the jum-jills and every day returns for more until his tail grows so long he can hardly move.

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